February 23-25. 2018

@ Rio Theater

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BADASS Cinematography

  • Russ De Jong Badsville (US/Canada) 
  • Luke Bramley Bestia (Canada) 
  • Barry Fahy The Three Don'ts (Ireland)
  •  Jeremy Berg Ayla (US)
  •  Cale Nichols PIMPKILLAH  (US)
  • Aizaz Leghari The Wolves Beyond the Timber (US) 
  • Marc Boily Down the Hill with Jack and Jill (Canada) 
  • Jonh T. Connor & Michael Su She Will Be Loved  (US) 

BADASS Director 

  • April Mullen Badsville
  • Ariel Hansen & Topher Graham Paint the Town Red
  • Elias Ayla
  • Gigi Saul Guerrero Bestia
  • Jason William Lee Down the Hill with jack and Jill
  • Jordan Barnes-Crouse Time Heals No Wounds
  • Lucio A. Rojas Trauma
  • Nicholas Vince Your Appraisal
  • Paddy Murphy The Three Don'ts
  • Sarah Bitely PIMPKILLAH 

 BADASS Actress

  • Leslie Gladney, It Began Without Warning
  • Kylee Bush, Down the Hill with Jack and Jill
  • Macarena Carrere, Trauma
  • Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, PIMPKILLAH
  • Sarah Smyth, She Who Must Burn
  • Tristan Risk, Ayla

 Badass Writing

  • Benjamin Barrett & Ian McLaren, Badsville
  • Brian Clancy, Paddy Murphy, Eric Clancy & Michael Ridley, The Three Don'ts
  • Dionne Coupland & Turner Stewart, Haxx Deadroom
  • Elias, Ayla
  • Jessica Cartwright & Santiago C. Tapia, It Began Without Warning
  • Jason William Lee, Down the Hill with Jack and Jill
  • Jordan Barnes-Crouse and John Sobey Time Heals No Wounds
  • Lucio A. Rojas, Trauma


  • Mathias Retamal, Bestia​
  • Daniel Antivilio, Trauma
  • Emilio Rivera, Badsville
  • Gabriel Carter, Time Heals No Wounds
  • Nicholas Wilder, Ayla
  • Mark James, Lucie
  • Chadwick Pelletier, She Will Be Loved

BADASS Supporting Actor 

  • Adam Moylan, The Three Don'ts
  • Behtash Fazlali, Down the Hill with Jack and Jill
  • Bill Oberst, Jr., Ayla
  • David E. McMahon, The Song of Solomon
  • Eugene Lipinsky, Lucie
  • Robert Knepper, Badsville

BADASS Supporting Actress 

  • Angelica Amor, PIMPKILLAH
  • Caitlin Davidson, Haxx Deadroom 
  • Dee Wallace, Ayla
  • Missy Cross, She Who Must Burn
  • Tamara Duarte, Badsville
  • Ximena del Solar, Trauma 

BADASS Art Direction / Visual Effects

  • Alex Dubko, World War Anywhere
  • Carolyn Williams & Topher Graham, Time Heals No Wounds
  • Jocelyn Jansen & Chris Orchard, Bestia
  • Jordan D. Craig, Badsville
  • Marcus Koch & Jeremy Cruise, The Song of Solomon
  • Rob Warren, The Mother of Beauty

 The 2018 Badass Film Nominations (IMDb listable since 2017)

The 2018 Badass Nominations


  • Ayla (US)
  • Badsville (US/Canada)
  • She Who Must Burn (Can)
  • The Song of Solomon (US)
  • The Three Don'ts (Ireland)
  • Trauma (Chile)


  • Bestia
  • Breeze in the Storm
  • Cut!
  • Lucie
  • Paint the Town Red
  • Shieldmaiden
  • The Mother of Beauty
  • Time Heals No Wounds
  • World War Anywhere
  • Hell Haunt

BADASS Canadian Short film

  • End of the Night
  • Fun
  • Heartless
  • Jason
  • Krupa
  • The Switch
  • Down the Hill with Jack and Jill
  • Undress Me

BADASS International Short Film

  • Between the Parallel
  • In Through the Night 
  • It Began Without Warning
  • The Wolves Beyond the Timber
  • Your Appraisal
  • She Will Be Loved

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