First wave acceptances and early-bird rate VIP festival passes are now up for sale for the Fourth Annual International Vancouver Badass Film Festival Feb. 23-25, 

Badass IV is highlighted by new films from maverick film legends old and new, and a range of exciting live shows and interactive sessions with filmmakers.

Badass IV features a tribute to pioneering Canadian indie filmmaker Larry Kent, who will be presenting the B.C. premiere of his latest Vancouver-shot shocking feature: She Who Must Burn, as well as accepting a lifetime achievement award (as a UBC student, Larry Kent directed 1963's feature The Bitter Ash which was banned on release, but which topped three 2017 lists for best Canadian film of all time, and was an early truly independent filmmaker whose career has spanned 20 films over 54 years to date). 

Badass IV is also very proud to screen the new feature from kickass Canadian action Director April Mullen (director of Below Her Mouth, 88, & Dead Before Dawn 3D - in which she was the first female and youngest director to direct a live-action Stereoscopic 3D feature film). Badsville's stars include Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) and Robert Knepper (Prison Break). 

Other features to screen include: Ayla from Director Elias (Gut) and starring Dee Wallace and Tristan Risk; Stephen Biro's American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon; and, from Ireland, Paddy Murphy's The Three Don'ts.  The shorts program will include new films from monsters of the Vancouver genre scene including: Gigi Saul Guerrero, Ariel Hansen, Turner Stewart, Jason William Lee, Topher Graham and many others. 

Badass IV events Feb 23-25, 2018 include: Opening Night Party (with a special screening of new WiHM 2018 blood drive psa shorts), feature and short films, Awards Gala, and Caravan of Creeps circus performances. Event mcs confirmed include: Samantha Mack, Tristan Risk, Gidget Gravedigger and Mister Nickel.
Full schedule will be available in January, 2018.  Get fest passes now at a low rate, for a limited time, while supplies last.  

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by Shawn Conner in Entertainment on February 15, 2017

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Anthony Nadeau at Feb 21st

February 23-25. 2018

@ Rio Theater

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